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   Guangdong Dahua Water-Saving Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a Vice-Chairman Unit of Irrigation&Drainage Enterprise Branch of China Water Conservancy Enterprise Association. Dahua is a specialized and high-tech enterprise, which involves in research&development, manufacture and marketing of water-saving irrigation materials. Its headquarters locates in Guangdong Jieyang and sets up 5 branch offices, respectively named Guangzhou Dahua, Heilongjiang Dahua, Xinjiang Dahua, Jilin Tianzheng Dahua and Baicheng Dahua. It now has 4 factories in Jieyang, Daqing, Qianan and Baicheng, and has an annual capacity of 70000 hectares of water-saving irrigation products that can totally meet the market requirement of southern and northern areas.
As the leading enterprise of water-saving irrigation industries, Dahua's products includes full series of water-saving irrigation equipments of spray irrigation, micro-spray irrigation and drip irrigation, etc. At present, it is the integrative water-saving technology company whose products are the most complete and extensive in China. Dahua has a procession of scientific researchers and works in close with domestic scientific establishments, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It owns over 10 design patents and invention patents, and Dahua Agriculture Energy&Water-Saving Equipment Production Base is chosen as one of provincial key-construction projects of Guangdong.
Dahua takes the idea of scientific irrigation, regards the improvement of ecological environment as its duty and has the vision of building Beautiful China. It carries out the technology of scientific irrigation and the crops provisions to serve agriculture and meets the consumers' requirement of different areas and levels. The products and engineering services are sold to the domestic market of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hainan, etc., as well as the foreign markets of Asia, Europe and Australia. Dahua has worked on national project of water-saving, which is well-received and awarded Consumer Satisfied Products of Irrigation Industry. According to the Branch's statistical investigation to all member enterprises, Dahua's general strength of products, engineering, technology, production capacity, sales income and market share is in the top 3 for 3 years.
Dahua has obtained Level III Qualification Certificate of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Projects Contracts, Level I Qualification Certificate of Agricultural Water-Saving Irrigation Projects Professional Contracts, Level A-II Enterprise of Irrigation Enterprise Level. All of its products are manufactured under strict standard of ISO7749-1. It has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 Certification, and been awarded the qualification of Nation Inspection-Exempted Products. The quality and technology index of products both reach the leading level in the industry. Dahua also wins the Gold Water Drop Prize of the First China Water-Saving Irrigation, the Second Prize of Top 10 Enterprises with Investment Value in China Irrigation Industry, the Second Prize of Top 20 Famous Enterprises in China Irrigation Industry, and the titles of High&New Technology Enterprise and Guangdong Agriculture Leading Enterprise, etc.
In recent years, Dahua devotes itself to the research and development of high-quality water-saving irrigation equipment, agricultural solar energy applied products and bio-polymer materials. Taking the idea of the development of new strategic industry as the leadership, it works for the transformation and upgrading of industrial technology and makes contribution to human healthy, the development of organic agriculture and the career of saving energy and reducing pollutants discharge.